Carl F.H. Henry on the Church Growth Movement and Ecumenism

While reading Evangelicalism Divided by Iain Murray, I found this quote by the late Carl Henry. Apparently, the problems we see in the church today are nothing new. In fact, if you read this book you will find that many of the problems with the church growth movement (and broad-based evangelicalism), such as the de-emphasizing of doctrinal distinctives for visible unity with Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and liberal mainline churches, began with men like Billy Graham. Surveying evangelicalism in his day, Carl Henry writes:

Many evangelicals now measure growth mainly in terms of numbers; distinctions of doctrine and practice are subordinated in a broad welcome for charismatic, Catholic, traditional and other varieties of evangelicals. Theological differences are minimized by evangelical publishers and publications reaching for mass circulation, by evangelists luring capacity audiences and even by evangelism festivals seeking the largest possible involvement. . .Numerical bigness has become an infectious epidemic. (pg. 253)