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The questions come from individuals like yourself. If you have questions about biblical and theological matters, you are invited to send them by e-mail/comment box to:

The purpose of the “Questions and Answers” is to respond to biblical and theological questions.

While we will respond to every serious questioner, we are not bound to give a substantive answer to every question, should we deem the question to be beyond the scope of our purpose or our own ability to answer.

You will receive an answer by email. Please be patient. The response to your question may take up to two weeks. Some of the questions submitted will be chosen to be posted here, along with the corresponding answers.

The answers come from individual, expressing their own convictions and do not necessarily represent an “official” position of the Church, especially in areas where the Standards of the Church (the Scriptures and the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms) are silent.

Note that the “Questions and Answers” posted on the site have been edited—all personal references are removed, Scripture references may be added, and sometimes portions are expanded—to make the questions and answers more useful to a larger audience.


Agama Adalah Buatan Manusia

All Power is Given by God?

Ancestor Worship

Apa itu Gereja Ortodoks Timur dan apa kepercayaan orang-orang Kristen Ortodoks?

Apakah Doktrin Sangat Penting?

Apa kata Alkitab mengenai manusia gua, manusia prasejarah, Neanderthal?

Apakah Benar Yesus Dilahirkan pada Tanggal 25 Desember?

Apakah Binatang Memiliki Roh?

Applause in the Worship Service

Aliran yang Paling Benar


Are All Reformed Christians Theonomists?

Are Arminians Saved?

Are Evolution and Adaption Different?

Are Those Who Have Never Heard of Christ Going to Hell?

Arminian Tidak Selamat?

Are White Lies Ok?


Backsliding Christians

Bagaimana proses pembuatan Alkitab? dan bagaimana proses penulisannya?

Bahasa Roh dalam 1 Korintus 14:2 dan 1 Korintus 14:4 (Ind)

Benarkah Air Menjadi Darah dalam Keluaran 7:17 hanya Sebuah Fenomena Alam?

Berapa lamakah Yesus mati di kubur-Nya?

Bolehkah korban pemerkosaan melakukan aborsi?


Calvinism vs. Arminianism: A Worthwhile Debate

Calvinism vs Arminianism

Celebrate Chinese New Year

Can Atheists Justify Being Good Without God

Can Catholics be Saved?

Can God Create a Rock so Heavy He Can’t Lift It? (上帝能造一個祂搬不動的石頭嗎?) – (Mandarin Chinese – English) (Video)

Can Theology Become Idolatry?

Coffee Shop in Church

Could Jesus have sinned?


Dari mana Kain mendapatkan istrinya?

Demons Believe in God

Did Christ Deny Paul’s Prayer?

Did Dinosaurs Turn Into Birds?

Did Life Come from Outer Space?

Did the atonement apply to those who lived before the crucifixion of Christ?

Do People Become Angels After They Die?

Does Calvinism Discourage Evangelism?

Does Doctrine Really Matter?

Does James 2:24 Deny Justification by Faith Alone?

Does R.C. Sproul Believe in Miracles?

Does the Bible tell us what heaven will be like?

Does the Bible teach an intermediate state at death?

Double Predestination

Doktrin Salah = Iman Salah ?



Empat Penunggang Kuda dalam Wahyu 6:1-8

Evangelism and Calvinism


Falsehood Views

Fenomena alam dan Bencana: Tanda Kiamat?

Filsafat dalam Musik

For whom did Christ die?


God and the “God Particle”

God’s Moral Law: Introduction

God says in His Word that He gives to those who ask, so why do so many prayers seem to go unanswered? And why is this a good thing? (Video)

Graded Absolutism


Hari Sabat: Sabtu atau Minggu?

Hipnotis dan Okultisme

Hipnotis dan Yoga

History of Pentecostalism

How Are Pilates and Yoga Related?

How Can I Know God’s Will?

How can I tell others about Jesus in a manner that is nonthreatening but yet convincing?

How did Moses write Deuteronomy if it records his death?

How do you explain discrepancies in the Scriptures — such as those between the four Gospels — in light of scriptural inerrancy?

How do you explain the out-of-body tunnel-like experiences many people claim to have had before being revived?

How Does God Know That There Is No God Above Him?

How do I share my Christian testimony?

How Many Bethlehem Children Were Killed by Herod?

How should Christian values impact business ethics in the office?

How To Discern, Test & Judge Rightly


If justification is by faith alone, how can we apply James 2:24, which says a person is justified by what he does, not his faith alone?

Intertestamental Period

In vitro fertilisation (IVF/Bayi Tabung)

Is Dispensationalism Biblical?

Is Easter scriptural ?: The Christian Origins of “Easter” (Video)

Is Homosexuality Natural?

Is It Possible For A Christian To Be Demon-Possessed?

Is it right for a Christian to be involved in martial arts?

Is it a sin to smoke?

Is Jesus Really the Only Way?

Is Mormonism Christian?

Incest Sometimes OK?

Infant Baptism

Is Tai Chi Aways Related to Eastern Meditation Practices?

Is the celebration of Christmas a pagan ritual?

Is there a clear biblical position against lotteries and casino gambling?

Is Tithing Biblical?

Is Tithing Required For Today?


Jesus In My Heart

Job: History or Allegory?

John Piper on Glorifying God in Your Movie-Watching


Keunikan Kanonisasi Alkitab



Life of an Eagle


Marriage in Heaven?

Mary Is Only The Surrogate Mother Of Jesus?

Mencari Sekolah Kristen (Rev. Stephen Tong)

Meditasi Kristen

Menikah dengan pasangan yang berbeda denominasi

Mujizat dan Rasio





Pacar Tidak Seiman

Pemakaian Uang dalam Alkitab

Penciptaan dalam Kej 2:19

Pengikraran Pengakuan Iman Rasuli dalam Ibadah

Philosophical Quotes to Ponder on Atheism

Prayers for the Dead

Predestination vs. Prayer




Selam atau Percik?

Scriptures or Magisterium? – A False Dilemma

Scripture says that Christ stated the unforgivable sin as being blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Can you expand on that, and how should I pray for someone committing that sin?

Sheol and Hades

Should a Church be Seeker Sensitive?

Should a Christian watch scary movies/horror movies?

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Should Christians of different denominations date or marry?

Should unbelievers lead Christians in worship in a church service?

Should women be pastors and elders?

Since The Bible Teaches Divine Election, Why Should We Evangelize?

Slain In The Spirit

Suara Hati Nurani dan Suara Roh Kudus

Suicide Mortal Sin?


Teologi dan Science

Televangelism and Prayer

There are so many different interpretations of what the Bible is saying. How do I know which one is right?

The Sun Stood Still

Tumbang Dalam Roh


Unanswered Prayers

Unequally Yoked



What about debt? Should Christians use credit cards, borrow money for cars, homes, vacations, etc.?

What About Cloning and Stem Cells?

What Are Some Differences Between Christianity & Eastern Religions

What Are The Signs Of A Successful Church?

What Differentiate Religion From Evil?

What does the Bible say about dating / courting

What does baptism mean?

What does the Apostles’ Creed Mean When it Says That Jesus Descended Into Hell?

What Does The Bible Say About Being Or Using A Surrogate Mother?

What does the CRI believe regarding Pentecost? Do you believe in the gift of speaking in other tongues? Why or why not?

Will we recognize each other in heaven?

What is a Christian Perspective on Reiki?

What is contemplative spirituality?

What is Kenosis

What is Molinism and is it biblical?

What is a Tenebrae Service?

What is the Lectio Divina?

What Is The Difference Between Protestantism And Catholicism?

What is the International Church of Christ (ICOC)

What is the biblical basis for human dignity?

What is Grave Sucking?

What is the stigmata?

What is The Difference Between Praise and Worship?

What is Dispensationalism?

What is the Gap Theory?

What is the God particle

What is the Gospel?

What is the significance of the shedding of blood in the atonement?

What is T.U.L.I.P.? The who, why and how of salvation (Video)

When Jesus says, “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven in perfect,” does that mean we can attain perfection, and should we?

Where Can The Teaching Of Women Ordination Lead

Where Did All of the Flood Waters Go?

Who Were the Magi?

Why did God allow incest in the Bible?

Why Do I Need Jesus?

Why isn’t Sola Scriptura Existent in The Early Church?

Why We Have Creeds & Confessions

Why would a loving and holy God allow a child to suffer through a serious illness such as cancer?



“Yoga” is “Pilates”?


直奔標竿這本書所提的敬拜方式,是否值得我們效法?– 唐崇榮牧師 (Video)

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