Telling The Children

From Jeremy Walker

Being the parent of a child is a wonderful privilege and can bring great happiness, but it is also an awesome responsibility.

Our children have bodies for which we must care, but they also have souls that will never die, and those need care too. The big questions that children ask show that they have minds made to think about truth, hearts made to feel things deeply, and souls that long for the true satisfaction that only God can provide: “Where did the world come from?” “What happens when we die?” “Who made right and wrong?” “Does God know everything?” “What is heaven?”

Would you have an honest and true answer if your child asked those questions? If your child does not have such questions now, they will have them one day.

Too often children are brushed aside, or given empty answers, or told outright lies when they ask deep and probing questions. You may simply not know how to answer such questions. But the Bible, the Word of God, speaks the truth, and offers hope to children as well as adults.

You might have questions too. Perhaps no one has ever given you the answers to the big questions, and so you have never had answers to give anyone else.

The Bible has the answers. God made us the way we are, and he has given us answers to the big questions that come from the depths of our souls. Whether we are young or old, we need answers to those questions if we are to enjoy peace with God.

The Bible is an honest and a realistic book. It answers big questions about life and death, about heaven and hell, about who God is and what he is like. It answers that vital question: “How can I know God?”

Do you know the answer to that question for yourself? What would you tell a child who asks you that question? Will you have any answers for your child when they look into your eyes and ask you for answers to questions about their life and death, and their soul, and their relationship to God?

It is right that we care for the bodies of our children, but are you caring for the soul of your child? Can you tell them how sinners can find peace with a holy God through faith in Jesus Christ?

What will you tell the children? Will you point them to Jesus Christ the Saviour, who receives all who come to him? The Bible speaks truth, and offers real peace with God, and everlasting life. If you have no answers for your children or for yourself, we warmly invite you to come to _________ Church, where you can hear God’s wonderful answers to the big questions.