A Deeper Look At Joseph Prince’s Destined to Reign

A Deeper Look At Joseph Prince’s Destined to Reign

This review restrictively concerns the philosophical and theological claims made by Joseph Prince throughout the book. By philosophical, I mean the logical framework that governs all our pursuit for reasonableness and meaning; and by theological, I mean all the resulting conclusions about God, which are broadly arrived through generations of collective understanding of the Bible within the complex yet historically discernible Christian tradition.
This exercise will be carried through chapter by chapter. Numerical ‘Caution Points’ are used to signify the various issues found within each chapter. This is to make clear what is at stake at every chapter, and hence also to highlight the issues with much clarity for the readers’ further studies.

1) On the Preface

2) On Chapter 1: Destined To Reign

3) On Chapter 3: Controversies Surrounding The Gospel of Grace

4) On Chapter 5: Is God Judging America?

5) On Chapter 7: The Gospel That Paul Preached

6) On Chapter 8: The Main Clause On The New Covenant

7) On Chapter 9: The Waterfall Of Forgiveness

8) On Chapter 13: The Gift Of No Condemnation

9) On Chapter 14: No More Consciousness of Sin

Appendix 1: Joseph Prince, Sins, and 10 Commandments