Examining the Sinners Prayer

By: Paul Washer

The problem is, even when we preach the Gospel correctly, then we go to this thing on how to invite men and it’s not biblical or historical. We get them to jump through some evangelical hoops and say, “yes” to the appropriate questions and we popeishly announce them to be saved…

When someone comes along later and tries to preach the Gospel to them because they’re living in the world, they won’t listen…

How many people do you know believe they’re going to heaven because, they’re not trusting so much in Christ as they are the sincerity of the decision they made a long time ago?

The question is not, “Do you know you are a sinner?” the question is this, “As you have heard me preach the Gospel, has God so worked in your life that the sin you once loved you now hate?

Next, they’ll say, “Do you want to go to heaven?” Have you ever had anybody say, “No, I’d rather go to hell.” My friend, understand this, everyone wants to go to heaven. They just don’t want God to be there when they get there…

We call men to repent and believe. And if they repent and believe, truly in that moment they are saved in that moment. But the evidence is more than just the sincerity of a prayer. It is a continuation of the working of God in their life through sanctification…

It is absurd to think that a man can believe in Christ, with his heart, and it not have a radical affect on the rest of his life…

Again, the moment a person calls on the Lord he is saved. But the evidence is not that one time in their life they were sincere when they prayed a prayer. The evidence of their salvation is … is there genuine repentance? Is there faith? And do both those evangelical graces continue on in their life and grow?




About Jian Ming Zhong

In short, I am a five point calvinist, amillennial, post-trib rapture, paeudobaptistic (not for salvation), classical cessationism , and covenantal. I embrace Reformed Theology and subscribe to the WCF 1647. I do not break fellowship with anyone who holds to the essentials of the faith (i.e., the Trinity, the Deity of Christ, Jesus' Physical Resurrection, Virgin Birth, Salvation by Grace through Faith alone, Monotheism, and the Gospel being the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus) but does not affirm Calvinist Theology in the non-essentials. I strongly believe that God's grace and mercy are so extensive that within the Christian community there is a wide range of beliefs and as long as the essentials are not violated, then anyone who holds to those essentials but differs in the non-essentials is my brother or sister in Christ. Romans 11:36 "For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To whom be Glory forever. Amen!"
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2 Responses to Examining the Sinners Prayer

  1. Leonard says:

    Hi. Can I ask a list of recommendations of a church/fellowship that is holding a similar doctrine as brother Paul Washer is in Jakarta?

    • For your consideration:
      1. Gereja Kristus Yesus
      Sekretariat :
      Jl. Mangga Besar 1/74
      Jakarta 11180
      Tel. (021) 649-9903

      2. Gereja Kristus Rahmani Indonesia (GKRI)
      Jl. Pintu Air II No. 20, RT 004/04, Kebon Pala
      JAKARTA PUSAT 10120
      (021) 3443207 / 3520419

      3. Gereja Pemberita Injil Jemaat Kemurnian Jakarta
      Jl. Kemurnian V No. 35
      Jakarta Barat

      4. GRII
      Jl. Industri Blok B-14 No.1. Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia, ph: (+62-21) 65867811

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