Ever try to send an email to God?

I found out something. God doesn’t answer e-mail.  That’s right, you can’t just send an email to support@heaven.com and expect God to send you a reply. Don’t waste your time trying to reach the Lord at administrator@kingdomcome.com, either.  SonofGod@promisedland.com? Nope. In fact, you won’t be able to get a response from God at ANY e-mail address.
Go ahead, try. You’ll see that I’m right. God just doesn’t answer e-mail.

It’s not that He couldn’t. God knew about all of this technology stuff years ago. Microsoft and Netscape are big, but God is much bigger. He knows all about e-mail. In fact, there are probably about 50 gazillion e-mails being sent over the internet RIGHT NOW, and God knows what every single one of them says!  That’s how big God is!

But, out of those 50 gazillion e-mails being sent, God isn’t the author of any of them. You see……God just doesn’t answer e-mails.

And I’ll tell you what you’ll discover if you were to try to e-mail God. You’ll get one of those messages that we’ve all seen at one time or another……”Returned Mail: Undeliverable.”

Know what I mean?

Why? Because GOD JUST DOESN’T ANSWER E-MAILS. You see, God prefers to communicate with His children in other ways. God doesn’t answer e-mail……but He DOES answer knee-mail!

That’s right, God answers knee-mail. God listens and speaks through prayer, when we are down on our knees, humble and eager to talk with our Heavenly Father. It doesn’t take opening a browser or email software, it takes opening our hearts and mouths to share with the Lord. We don’t have to access Yahoo or Hotmail account to speak to God, we have direct access through Jesus Christ.

Yes, God answers knee-mail.

I know, because I’ve sent Him a lot of it.

And I’ve never gotten a “Returned Mail: Undeliverable” response. Instead I’ve seen God heal the sick, provide for the needy, guide the misdirected, comfort the
mourning, calm the fearful, do the impossible, work the miraculous and save eternally the sinful. You see, He’s done all of those things in MY life.

E-mail may move the internet, but knee-mail moves mountains.

What are you up against today, my friend? Is some hardship or burden weighing you down? Some obstacle in your way? Some need that you just can’t meet? Or,
maybe you’d just like to say “Thanks” and give praise to our Lord? Send up a prayer. Share you heart. Speak with God.  And I know you’ll see……God answers knee-mail.

If you do, then your email will be returned to you with a note we’ve all seen at one time or another…..”Returned Mail: Undeliverable.”

Have a “Wonderful DAY in Christ,”
Jimmy D. Brown


About Jian Ming Zhong

In short, I am a five point calvinist, amillennial, post-trib rapture, paeudobaptistic (not for salvation), classical cessationism , and covenantal. I embrace Reformed Theology and subscribe to the WCF 1647. I do not break fellowship with anyone who holds to the essentials of the faith (i.e., the Trinity, the Deity of Christ, Jesus' Physical Resurrection, Virgin Birth, Salvation by Grace through Faith alone, Monotheism, and the Gospel being the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus) but does not affirm Calvinist Theology in the non-essentials. I strongly believe that God's grace and mercy are so extensive that within the Christian community there is a wide range of beliefs and as long as the essentials are not violated, then anyone who holds to those essentials but differs in the non-essentials is my brother or sister in Christ. Romans 11:36 "For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To whom be Glory forever. Amen!"
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