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GAMBARU, etos yang artifisial ?

“Baru-baru ini ada tiga posting tentang Gambaru / Etos Jepang beredar di dunia maya sehubungan dengan bencana Tsunami di Jepang. Posting pertama berjudul ‘Say Yes to Gambaru,’ yang kedua ‘Semangat Gambaru’, dan yang ketiga ‘Vonis Mati Buat Pahlawan Nuklir Fukushima’.”

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Creation and Mathematics; or What Does God Have to do With Numbers?

Written by: Vern S. Polythress What does the Bible say about mathematics? The superficial answer, given by too many Christians, is that the Bible and mathematics are unrelated. Mathematics and religion are two separate spheres; neither has need of or … Continue reading

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Humble Faith

By: Edward Fisher ACCORDING to the measure of any man’s faith, is his true peace of conscience; for, says the apostle, “being justified by faith, we have peace with God” (Rom 5:1). Yea, says the prophet Isaiah, “Thou wilt keep … Continue reading

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The New Reproduction

See also:  In vitro fertilisation (IVF/Bayi Tabung) by: John M. Frame Recent developments in science have created new alternatives in human reproduction. We may consider here: (1) artificial insemination by the husband (AIH), (2) artificial insemination by donor (AID), (3) surrogate motherhood (SM), … Continue reading

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