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902068_10202950144506212_6383755545477767798_o.jpg“Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda est secundum Verbum Dei”

(The church Reformed and always reforming according to the Word of God)

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The purpose of this website is  to equip Christians in the truth by making available the finest classic & contemporary Reformed Theology articles.

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The Place Called Armageddon

14 Reasons Why We Should Go Back To Using Hymnals In Worship

Is Calvin Still Relevant After 500 Years? It all Depends

500 Years After Reformation, Many Protestants Closer to Catholics than Martin Luther

9 Things You Should Know About the Council of Trent

5 Reasons to Teach Your Kids About the Reformation  (Jeff Robinson)

Is Jesus the Only Way? (John MacArthur) (Video)

What Does It Mean To Be Reformed

Miracles for Sale – Darren Brown (Subtitle Indonesia)

The Erosion Of God-Centered Worship

Our Sufficiency in Christ: Bible-Believing Doubters (Indonesian)

Is Jesus the Only Way of Salvation? – R.C.Sproul (Video)

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Generasi Penikmat Tetesan Darah Kaum Martir

Sebuah tulisan 3 (tiga) tahun yang lalu yang masih relevan sampai saat ini.

Berikut ini tulisan Ev. Anne Kartawijaya, pendiri Yayasan Eunike, Jakarta, dalam rangka peringatan 500 tahun reformasi (31 Okt 1517 – 31 Okt 2017).

Hari ini tepat 500 tahun, kita merayakan hari Reformasi.
Tanpa terasa sudah 500 tahun, kita menikmati karya Martin Luther pada 31 Oktober 1517.
Tanpa terasa sudah 500 tahun, kita mengecap buah manis dari darah kaum martir.
Tanpa terasa sudah 500 tahun, kita memiliki akses yang begitu bebas untuk membaca dan mengerti Firman Tuhan.

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Think You Know the Christmas Story? Here are Five Common Misconceptions

Written by. Michael J. Kruger

Bah, humbug.

That’s probably one of the most well-known lines in literary (and now, cinematic) history. Everybody immediately recognizes the curmudgeonly voice of Ebeneezer Scrooge as he pours cold water all over our Christmas spirit.

And his point is still made today by some, albeit in different words.  It’s that the Christmas story just isn’t true. It’s rubbish. It’s made up. It’s all in our heads.

While now is not the time for a full-scale defense of the historicity of the Christmas story, Scrooge’s skepticism does prompt us to wonder whether we’ve gotten the story right. Are we telling the story that really was, or are we just telling the story that we want to tell?  Are we just telling the story in our heads?

It might be useful, then, to reflect on a few common misconceptions about the Christmas story. The best way to validate the Christmas story to the Ebeneezer Scrooge’s out there is to make sure we’ve got it right ourselves. Here are five of them. Continue reading

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We shouldn’t judge people, right?

Written by. Daniel H. Chew

There is a large number of people in the world, even Christians, today who say that we shouldn’t judge people. Thus, they would go to say that we shouldn’t criticize others; saying that they are wrong or what they believe is wrong. This is mainly due to the influence of postmodernism, with its idea of relativism and philosophical pluralism.

In this article, I would first, for the benefit of all, show that such an idea is preposterous and is never practiced anywhere, by deconstructing this notion. I would then go on to show according to Scripture what it teaches about judging people

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Expository Preaching



Penulis: Daniel Lucas Lukito


“In my heart, I have never been a Reformed pastor/theologian,” or “In my heart, I have always been a Reformed pastor/theologian.” -Carl F. H. Henry

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Natal Sebelum/Sesudah 25 Desember?

Ditulis oleh. Jeffrey Siauw

Catatan: Tulisan ini aslinya diposting/ditulis oleh penulis pada 23 September 2014

Natal masih tiga bulan lagi. Tapi justru karena itulah saya menulis ini. Mudah-mudahan belum terlambat untuk menjadi bahan pertimbangan.

Banyak gereja dan persekutuan yang mengadakan kebaktian dan perayaan Natal jauh sebelum atau jauh sesudah tanggal 25 Desember. Mungkin di awal Desember atau bahkan di akhir November, mungkin di Januari atau bahkan di Februari! Alasannya? Sangat praktis.

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