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Blood Moon Day and We’re Still Here (Gary DeMar)

Is Jesus the Only Way? (John MacArthur) (Video)

What’s So Dangerous About the Emerging Church?

What Does It Mean To Be Reformed

Miracles for Sale – Darren Brown (Subtitle Indonesia)

The Erosion Of God-Centered Worship

Our Sufficiency in Christ: Bible-Believing Doubters (Indonesian)

Is Jesus the Only Way of Salvation? - R.C.Sproul (Video)

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Calvin, Hobbes and Cheap Grace

Calvin-and-Hobbes-Binoculars-10By: American Vision

When our oldest child turned eight, I had been trying to spend more time teaching, reading, and thinking with him alone, separate from the other kids. Having not grown up in a Christian home, I often find it difficult to be the spiritual head—it doesn’t come easily, and it seems awkward and forced at times. Other times, though, a spiritual truth gets dropped in my lap and my son and I both are immensely blessed by it. One such rare occasion happened several nights ago…

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The Twilight of Christianity?

By. Kenneth D. Macleod,

At the Reformation in Scotland, John Knox (probably born 500 years ago, in 1514) noted:

how potently God hath performed . . . the promises made to the Servants of God by the Prophet Esaias, ‘They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall lift up the wings as the eagles: they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint’ (Isa. 40:31). What was our force? What was our number? What wisdom or worldly policy was in us, to have brought to a good end so great an enterprise? – our very enemies can bear witness. Yet in how great purity did God establish among us His True Religion, as well in doctrine as in ceremonies!

In the spirit of worship, Knox wished that ‘all praise’ would be ‘to God alone’ and acknowledged that their strength had come from God.1

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The Meaning of Justified Ends

By. R.C. Sproul Jr.

What are we supposed to do? Though teleology may be the most neglected of all branches of philosophy, it cannot long be ignored in our daily lives. We need to know what we are for, what the goal is. And in a harried world, it is all the more understandable that we would seek out one, clear bottom line. We want news we can use. What we can use the most is an explanation of what our calling is. We are aimless, directionless when we don’t know where we are headed. This may explain why God’s Word is so rich in bottom lines, in quick, understandable summaries of our calling. The One who made us is well equipped to tell us what we are for.

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Watching Movies to the Glory of God

By. Adam Parker

Our God is a storytelling God.  Much of the Bible is narrative, and a lot of that narrative is something that would give our children nightmares.  I was 18 years old when I first read the story of the Levite’s concubine from Judges 19.  I was disturbed and disgusted by this story when I first heard it, and to this day, I cannot not tell the story to someone without feeling a bit creepy.

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9 Things You Should Know about the Story of Noah

By. Joe Carter

Darren’s Aronofksy’s new film Noah, which opens in theaters tomorrow, has been criticized for not being faithful to the biblical narrative. But how much of the story do most people remember? Here are nine things you should know about the story of Noah:

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