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522253_517228818304880_1644217493_nOur Motto:

902068_10202950144506212_6383755545477767798_o.jpg“Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda est secundum Verbum Dei”

(The church Reformed and always reforming according to the Word of God)

Our Purpose:

The purpose of this website is  to equip Christians in the truth by making available the finest classic & contemporary Reformed Theology articles.

God’s richest blessings on you.


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Is Calvin Still Relevant After 500 Years? It all Depends

500 Years After Reformation, Many Protestants Closer to Catholics than Martin Luther

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Why many discipline methods don’t work
















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The Slow Killing of Congregational Singing

Written by. Mike Raiter

Here is a great historical irony. Fifty years ago choirs ruled the church. Usually, they were supported by a very loud organ. To be frank, many choir members were performers, and when the choir was large they drowned out the singing of the congregation. So, sadly, the very people appointed to help the congregation sing actually smothered congregational singing. Bit by bit, choirs disappeared. I think most churches didn’t mourn the loss.  Continue reading

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Young Christians are leaving the church – Here’s why

Written by. Warner Wallace

A new, 2018 Pew Research Center Report polled a growing group in America: “religious nones.” This group describes themselves as “nothing in particular” when asked if they identify with a specific religious group. The vast majority are ex-Christians, and most are under the age of 35. Pew asked a representative sample of these “religious nones” why they now reject any religious affiliation and provided respondents with six possible responses.

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Five Signs There’s Idolatry in Your Church

Written by. Joseph Mattera

The greatest sin in the Bible by far is the sin of idolatry. Idolatry is the main reason why God rebuked and judged the nation of Israel. (Read the major and minor prophets as well as the books of Kings and Chronicles.) Idolatry is when we violate the first of the Ten Commandments (Ex. 20:3), which says, “You shall have no other gods before Me.” It is when we put something or someone first in our life, before the living and true God. Idolatry is the root cause of all other sins—which is why the first two commandments dealt with this. While the church today is focusing on various sins related to human sexuality and lifestyle choices—many in the church who may not fit into these two categories may be deluded into believing they are OK even though they may be breaking the greatest commandment.

The following are five signs of idolatry in the church based on my perspective of serving as a lead pastor for 30 years as well as extensive extra-local apostolic ministry to churches. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday John Calvin (1509-1564)

John Calvin (1509-1564) was born in France and became a lawyer and later a theology student. He wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion. He was introduced to Luther’s teachings while he was a student in Paris and agreed with Luther’s views on predestination. He created and systemized the Reformed tradition in Protestantism.

Strange but True

  • For much of his life, John Calvin was very sick. He had migraine headaches, arthritis, kidney stones, gout, and more. Sometimes people had to carry him to the pulpit so he could preach.
  • Because of his illnesses and stomach troubles, John often ate only one meal a day.
  • John was only 55 years old when he died, but in the 16th century that wasn’t so young, since many people died before age 50.

We’re not sure where John is buried because he didn’t want his grave to have a name on it. (He wanted people to honor God, not him.)

John Calvin and You

If your church is a Reformed Church, you’re connected to John Calvin!
Years ago in the Netherlands, many Dutch people followed the teachings of John Calvin in what they called “Reformed” churches. When Dutch people came to live in Canada and the United States, they started Reformed churches in their new homeland.
Today,  Reformed people aren’t only Dutch—they’re African American, Cuban, Hmong, Korean, Navajo, Nigerian, and more. John Calvin has touched the lives of people all over the world!

Things and People Named After John Calvin

John Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States

Calvin in the cartoon “Calvin and Hobbes”

Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Calvin Theological Seminary

Click here to read more about John Calvin.



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